Glass Mosaic (Beginners)


A mosaic is “a picture or other design constructed from smaller pieces”. The choice of materials, in addition to the skill in creating and placing the pieces contribute to the artistic and practical value of the mosaic.
For this workshop, I will give a demonstration of how to cut pieces of glass, mirror, and vitreous glass tile. Interested students can volunteer to try their hand at this. Protective glasses will be provided. Next, I will explain the principles of mosaic, colour and how to design a piece. I provide pre-cut and tumbled pieces of glass and tile that they stick on pre-cut pieces of wood, 6″ x 6″ in size. Once they assemble the mosaic, it is left to dry. I will demonstrate “grouting” The grouting process can take place only 24 hours after sticking the glass, because the adhesive has to dry completely. For this workshop, either I will hand out some powdered grout to the students for them to finish their work by themselves, or I will grout the piece and they collect their finished work in a week’s time. These mosaics can be used as coasters as they will be fairly flat and even.

Duration: 1 hour

Fee : SGD $60pax (require minimum 3 people for class)

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction to the different tools and equipment used in glass mosaic
  • How to handle and cut glass and glass tile
  • Principles of colour and design when working with art glass
  • Instructions on fabrication of a glass mosaic

glass mosaic 2Fee Includes

  • All materials and equipment will be provided
  • You will be working on a 6″ x 6″ piece of wood
  • Personalised instruction

* Participants are to return to collect their completed glass mosaic 7 days after the workshop

By admin • Lessons • 16 Jun 2015