River of Life @ Singapore General Hospital

The essence of life is its timeless ebb and flow of joy, friendships, challenges and celebrations. All unique elements, which come together to create a mosaic of timeless memories. In the ‘River of Life’ project, glass artist Anjali Venkat aimed to give them a creative form – through the meditative, therapeutic process of mosaic.
The ‘River of Life’ project is a journey of creative self-expression. As symbolised
through the mosaic medium, fragments of different shapes, sizes, colours and textures were connected to create a beautiful whole. Click here to view the project.
Each work here is beautiful, vibrant, and maybe even whimsical – all created by
assembling over 13,500 pieces of stained glass, vitreous glass tiles, fused glass
embellishments, mirror and more. These pieces were cut to shape, tumbled, coloured with enamels and oxides, melted, and fused to form eye-catching (yet safe-to- handle) raw materials.
She and her team reached out to over 250 patients, caregivers and visitors at
Singapore General Hospital’s wards and specialist outpatient clinics. A special mosaic session was also organised at the launch of the SingHealth Patient Advocacy Network (SPAN) in February this year.
Special mosaic workshops were also conducted for patients from the liver cancer,
breast cancer (Blossoms) and colorectal cancer support groups.


By admin • In the News, Workshops • 14 Jul 2019