Kiln formed Glass (Taster Session)

kiln formed glass 2
The Romans, who were prolific glassworkers, first developed kiln-formed glass or fused glass.
It involves the working of glass, by heating it in a kiln. Once the glass is cut to shape and layers assembled as desired and heated in a kiln, the glasses soften, fuse together, and assume the shape of whatever surface they’re resting upon or within, such as a flat kiln shelf, curved mold, or casting mold. Kiln-formed glass is an accessible and rewarding art form for many people around the world – and it is growing rapidly in popularity.

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Fee : SGD $55pax (require minimum 3 people for class)

What You’ll Learnkiln formed glass 1

  • Introduction to the different tools and equipment used in kiln formed glass
  • How to handle and cut glass into different shapes
  • Principles of colour and design when working with art glass
  • Explanation of the principles and properties of glass when it is heated to different temperatures

Fee Includes:

  • All materials and equipment will be provided
  • Students assemble either 2 pendants, or a paperweight (Approximately 2″ x 2″ of glass)
  • Personalised instruction

* Participants are to return to collect their completed art glass work 3 days after the workshop

By admin • Lessons • 16 Jun 2015